My take on islam

This is a pretty controversial topic regarding whats happening around the world..I am not from a conventional religious family but i do know Islam is not a violent religion..My father prays once a week tops..Islam is not misogynist either contrary to what even some muslims believe… Its pretty liberating if people think about it deeply..Being a Muslim i myself have many unanswered questions myself and i cant get the answers unless The One who sent it answers it Himself..But i must say the bold way of the religion’s coming into society was astonishing.The first verse revealed was “read” did not say read the Qur’an said read..By that my intuition said maybe it meant to  educate yourself with the whenever i tell my sister to read a book I know is already good i say,”read”..I dont say then and there how awesome is that book!.. I imply check this out..The Quran repeatedly asks its reader to reason and debate..Its very frank with its policies and open to criticism…In a lot of verses it told the readers to bring the best words they can to refute it..but the allegories,metaphors,conundrums in the quran simply amazed all its readers that time..I think the most powerful feature of the quran is its  ability to relate to human psychology..I personally read a lot of verses where i could actually feel the emotion it was trying to convey for example-  in sura al ankabut whenever  Abraham  used to say the message to people, the people always replied with the words ,”kill or burn him”!..Imagine how bad Abraham must have felt and The quran was able to convey that emotion to me..There are verses which do imply war but that’s in the context of that time particularly..Innocent people were persecuted because of their faith and the other party was not ready for a mutual understanding yeah it means peace because frankly it is peace at least that’s what i think it is.


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