my cry for help


My whole life i have been tethered to someone be it my best friend or my mom or the person i love..i am an ordinary person living an ordinary life expecting the unconditional love i gave to some one only to return back…but most of the time i fall flat on my face. EMOTIONS. There are so many kinds of them. They fill us up or drain us down. Apart from being an egotistical bitch, the emotion that i truly want to reciprocate is love. That’s all i ever wanted. But in the midst of it all i forgot to love myself. Isn’t that we all do?  We are afraid of ending up alone, afraid we would be lying on the bed staring at the ceiling with nothing to do, so we keep telling ourselves its OK let me call up my mom or my boyfriend and let me feel a little lighter but then if we don’t get the support we expect we succumb to pain and depression and accept that at the end of the day we come alone and we will leave alone. This is the biggest truth of life. That’s why i wanna write this blog. I wanna let go of all that dependence i have on people. I don’t wanna depend on someone to be happy. I wanna depend on The One who’s  above watching over us and myself.


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